Birth of a Bakery

Humble Bakery V1 was thus officially born. What is the meaning of V1? It means Version 1 and that we were home-based. It is not a fully recognised business and still far from our idea of a proper bakery. Nevertheless, Glenn and I were happy that we kick-started this passion project. 

We juggled work and bakesales for Humble Bakery. Since we were still working in a real artisan bakery, it meant that we were holding our full-time positions from Tuedays to Sundays. Mondays were our only off days and that was the day when we had our bakesales. Essentially, it meant that we were working all 7 days a week with no designated rest day. 

To be honest, it was definitely tiring. We had to do marketing for ingredients during the week as well when we knocked off from work. There was planning to be done, product development and responding to customer orders too. Despite the challenges, we were motivated and genuinely fulfilled, especially so when we received feedback from our customers that they could feel the hard work and sincerity we put into our bakes. This was all that matters. We were truly touched when we felt appreciated and at times we were almost moved to tears because we were humbled by the kind words of encouragement. 

Humble Bakebox V1 - our very first bakebox that we had for bakesales when we were home-based. 

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