Humble Beginnings

You might be wondering, how did Humble Bakery came about? Here is the background story. I first met Glenn when I was working in an artisan bakery. We were both "cheesecake partners", churning out Basque burnt cheesecakes everyday and doing other bakery production.

Glenn and I were lunch buddies and we found out that we had the same interest in pastry, despite our workplace being a bakery, focusing on breads and viennoiseries. We even joked that we should come together to do business (a cafe) and become partners. Well, this joke or rather a casual comment later turned out to be true afterall.

One day, I casually threw an idea at Glenn. "Hey, we should do baking together. We can be home-based and sell our bakes". Without hesitation, we jumped into the idea. This casual idea soon developed into a passion project - a home-based business idea. We started brainstorming on our logo, the types of pastries to offer, packaging, target market, e-commerce platform, ingredients source and many other aspects. Before we knew it, we were selling bakeboxes and Humble Bakery was officially born as a home-based online bakery. 


Humble Bakery Logo 1st Version (Home-based)




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